Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to cook for chickens

Lucky for us humble human chefs, chickens are not picky eaters.  Even the most shameless omnivores I know would be hard pressed to get super worked up over a dead lizard.  Not chickens.  OMIGODDEADLIZARDMYFAAAAAAAAAAVE!!!!! say the chickens. 

Try this delicious dish for them tonight:

.5 cup leftover brown rice and mung bean daal
1/4 cup lukewarm tea of unpeeled garlic and sage
2 tbs plain yogurt with active cultures
oat bran

Mix all that shit together.  Add enough oat bran to give it the consistency of oatmeal.  Garnish with dead lizard.  Serve any temperature.

If my chickens were Matt Preston, their ascots would have a stiffy.

Australia doesn't have enough good-looking celebrities for all the reality tv shows...